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Veteran Support

There are a number of disabled veterans, the result of the war in Iraq, as well as long-since forgotten men and women from wars past.  Without the sacrifices of these brave citizens, we would not continue to enjoy the freedoms they fought for in these conflicts.


The Veteranws Adminstration has provided the Virginia District with a list of equipment needs, as well as a list of needs to meet patient comfort and support.If you as an individual or your Assembly are interested in assisting, please review these lists:


         Equipment Needs [revision coming soon]


         Patient Comfort and Morale [revision coming soon]


Another segment of American society often ignored are the widows and children of fallen soldiers and sailors.  So, we, the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, offer the following suggestions for supporting these heros and their families:


       Visit the Veterans Hospitals in the area.


       Call the Veterans Facility nearest you and find out what donations are needed/wanted by the patients (toothbrushes, postage stamps, etc.


       Have a Mass offered in your local parish for Veterans and their families


       Arrange for you and/or your teenage children to cut the grass, babysit, etc. for the families in your area whose other parent is on Active Duty.


       Send your ideas for helping our Military Families to the Master who will post them on this site (and give your assembly credit for the idea.

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