Our Mission

Provide guidance and direction to the subordinate councils of the jurisdiction of Virginia in compliance with the Charter, Constitution and Laws of the Order and the By-laws and Resolutions of the Virginia State Council


Actively promote the principles of the Order {charity, unity, fraternity, & patriotism} by demonstrating an untiring and visible commitment to our Church, Bishops and Priests, our Families, our Brother Knights, our Youth,our Communities, and our Nation in an ethical and moral manner.

Our Vision

Faithfully build upon the traditions and heritage of our Jurisdiction by demonstrating an unwavering adherence to the conviction that the State Council will: Continue to promote the purpose of the Order as outlined in
Section 2 of the Charter of the Order by:


Rendering financial and practical support to Brother Knights and their
families, particularly the widowed, sick, disabled and needy


Promoting social and intellectual discourse among the same.


Conducting educational, charitable, religious, social welfare and disaster
relief programs.


Continue to promote the Order as the “Strong Right Arm” of the Church by
our works as well as our words.


Continue to strive that every priest accepts the position that the Order is here
to support his needs.


Continue to work toward having a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish.


Continue to insure every Catholic gentleman wants to become a Knight of Columbus.


Continue to emphasize the importance of the family values.


Manage the State Council to make it more effective and efficient.


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