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Accessing the Officers' Information System


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Updating the Virginia VSS-4


Update the VSS-6 first.


Update the VSS-4 second.


1) This will automatically fill in the GK/PGK delegate blocks on the VSS-4.

2) Next the alternates are recorded directly on the VSS-4.

3) Then the rest of the VSS-4 is completed.

4) Finally, as the VSS-4 update button is pressed:

     The database is actually updated

      A word document is created which can be downloaded, signed and brought to the convention.


Member Management


The Supreme Council Member Management system presents an opportunity to reduce the submission of council reports twice. Updating the Council Officers information will automatically trigger the successful submission of the Form 185 at Supreme.


Additionally updating Program Personnel will update the Supreme council database and trigger the successful transmission of the Form 365. Ultimately we anticipate changes made via Member Management will significantly reduce data entry requirements for State forms.



Supreme Council Officers Online


The Supreme Council Officers Online login page is HERE

If you have problems logging into the Supreme Council Officers Online system, please contact Supreme Council Customer Service at (800) 380-9995.

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