gary_lee.jpg Gary LeeTraining Director

The Training Team was commissioned by the Virginia State Council in 2010 for the purpose of

providing instruction to any Brother interested in becoming a Council Officer. The training is

provided through a series of presentation at the State’s Pre-Organizational meeting, quarterly

meetings and regional training sessions. These sessions are designed to give an overview of

the leadership roles including all required administrative tasks and planning duties. Three

divisions make up the Training Team: Grand Knight Training, District Deputy Training and

Member Management Training (Financial Secretary Training)

Grand Knight Training: Initial training is conducted at the Quarterly Meeting in March. The

program is “Prospective Officer Training”. It is designed to give an overview of the

responsibilities of each of the Officers in the Council. It includes the basics of planning,

budgeting, and reports required at the beginning of the Fraternal year. The second course is

provided at the Pre-Organizational Meeting held in June. This training provides the prospective

Grand Knight the tools to take office and plan a successful year. In August and September

Regional Training Sessions are provided in the local areas throughout the State.

District Deputy Training: The training for District Deputies is available at the State Pre-

Organizational Meeting. The training includes all the necessary information to make a new

District Deputy successful. The topics include: District Planning, Ceremonials, Reports & Forms

and District Leadership.

Member Management Training: Financial Secretaries and Comptrollers are offered training

in the use of the Supreme record keeping system in member management and member billing.

The training allows the individual to perform hands on training at sessions conducted at the Pre-

Organizational Meeting, Quarterly meetings and Regional Training sessions.

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